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Music Lessons With Peter Mealy

I am as passionate about teaching as I am about playing. 


I can teach a variety of styles, but the primary asset that I bring to the teaching studio is enthusiasm. Enthusiasm and empowerment.


I believe that every small step in one’s musical development is huge, and should be celebrated.


I started playing guitar in 1968, and over the several decades, I have developed skills in rock, bluegrass, jazz, classical, blues, Celtic, and folk, as well as songwriting. Guitar is my primary instrument, but I also play mandolin, ukulele, string bass and harmonica.


I address students’ needs on a case-by-case basis, and will develop a lesson program based on their needs and desires. I do, however, try to include basic applied guitar theory in every students instruction.

I have written five instructional books - Melodic Fingerstyle Guitar, Fear of Guitar, Fear of Chords, Fear of Soloing, and Fear of Ukulele. These books provide boilerplate for my basic approach to teaching, which is augmented by materials relevant to each student.

Lesson Rates:

Private lessons        $30  1/2 hr     $60  1 hour

Click here for video lessons from Fear of Guitar

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